Why You Need To Do Digital Marketing in 2021?

The goal of any business is to get as many customers through the door as possible. Marketing is the key to attracting them and generating leads. Businesses will continue to rely on traditional advertising methods like billboards, television, or YouTube in the coming year. But most smart businesses will rely solely on digital marketing starting in 2021. The reason is simple. We had firmly entered the digital age in 2020. And that has pushed businesses to also move to the digital model so they can survive. 

This rapid change has made them realize that digital is productive and cost-effective. The importance of digital marketing is the fact that it offers numerous innovative solutions. And businesses will continue to benefit from this trend in the coming year.

The ever-evolving rules of SEO

This is the place where the importance of digital marketing comes into play. SEO strategies are constantly changing. If you are not familiar with SEO rules and strategies, you do not know how they can help a business grow. Top Digital Marketing Agencies keep an eye on the changing algorithms and are well equipped to help a company’s search engine rankings rise to the top.  

The Importance of UX

User experience (UX) design is synonymous with digital marketing, and businesses can benefit greatly from it. UX can provide astonishing experiences to the user. UX can use to design products and services to be pleasant to use and fun to interact with. 2021 will be the year of innovative user experiences.

People are becoming increasingly picky about the look and esthetics of the products and services they are offered. They expect a meaningful experience when they visit a company’s website. 

 Social media to approach and engage customers.

With no word yet on when a COVID -19 vaccine will be available on the market, many people will likely continue to work from home, and most people will go out less frequently than they do now. And Millennials and Gen Z will certainly spend much of their day on social media. So instead of billboards, businesses will want to advertise and create buzz on social media.

Across industries, businesses are relying more and more on social media because it is an extremely effective digital marketing strategy. Social media can help gain the attention of potential customers and to convert leads. In 2021, social media can open up new audiences for businesses and re-engage previous customers.  

The importance of digital marketing is related to lowering costs

One good reason for the importance of digital marketing is that it is comparatively cheaper than most other forms of marketing. The pandemic has taken a toll on the finances of all businesses, and no company is going into 2021 unscathed, so cost-saving methods are a top priority for all companies.

Digital marketing is profitable because it generates a high ROI (return on investment) and increases audience reach. And yet, with a modest budget, businesses can measure the effectiveness of their sales strategies through digital marketing metrics. Marketing strategies and campaigns can adjust without having to cut the budget significantly. 

A boon for online retail

E-Traditional retail is slowly phased out by e-commerce. People find e-commerce to be just too handy! And the pandemic has forced people to buy items online, whether it’s food, clothing, books, phones, or furniture. Even businesses that have never offered their products online are turning to e-commerce. There is no longer any way to attract a large number of clients to retail stores. The necessity of digital marketing is critical for these businesses.

Digital marketing strategies will be central to their sales plans in 2021. Digital marketing will help to solidify the brand identity of the business. The right digital marketing strategies are essential for both new and established e-commerce businesses. They play a vital role in helping the company stand out from the crowd of its competitors.

No fear when ‘IamHere’: A mobile app bringing people closer during the pandemic

Launched back in December 2017, the mobile application aimed to connect people and resources in a local setting. Even today, it has proven itself to be a source of relief for many by making location-based discovery and collaboration more accessible.

In these difficult times, since people are confined to their homes and personal connection seems to be lost, it may feel like one’s life has taken a monotonous standstill. However, this innovative app now feels like a breath of fresh air. ‘IamHere’ enables its users to connect with people, make groups and find businesses or potential customers nearby.

While talking about his digital endeavour, Bangalore-based entrepreneur Mr. Naren Kumar stated, “Technology has come a long way and has enabled humans to connect with people anywhere in the globe in a matter of mere seconds. However, the irony is that even though we have achieved to contact those thousands of miles away, the ones nearby remain distant. For instance, while Facebook and Twitter have helped us connect to any individual around the globe, discovering those in our very locality has been rather difficult. Our app aims to address this very concern- that of personal connection and touch. So, if one needs to find a fellow tennis player who lives in the same vicinity, or wants to be a part of a noble social cause, or even find a long-lost friend who may be living nearby, our app is one click away.”

The app has about 100,000 users today who have already made 3 lakh searches so far, and the popularity of the app is growing tremendously day by day. Thus, apart from bringing individuals closer, the digital platform aims to do its bit for society. By being more of an enabling agent, the app shall connect not-for-profit groups with any other group or person that seeks to provide financial or any other aid for a good cause. “We wanted to find a platform such that people could find not-for-profit groups more conveniently. I firmly believe that people would be so much more helpful and dedicate their time, money, and efforts if they simply knew how to easily access these NGOs nearby. This app does just that. When we saw this app, we understood that it would be a game-changer in this field as well,” stated Pushpa Aman Singh, the Founder & CEO, Guidestar India.

Discussing the features of the app and how one can easily use it, Naren added, “IamHere empowers its users to create Avatars on the map for business, hobby, interest or other purposes, and reach many through the various means on our platform, be it chats or the stories feature. This app has enabled many people to find happiness by forming sports teams or connecting with local vendors or entrepreneurs for their business goals. We also believe that this app has been useful for college students for organizing their events and for NGOs who want to start running campaigns.

Many stated that the app made itself useful in the pandemic when they sought personal growth opportunities. “With an app helping me find book lovers and book clubs nearby, I have been able to get back to my love for reading. Not only this, but the app helped me get through the pandemic when my mental health was taking a backseat. With the app, I have been able to connect to people again”, said a user. Fitness enthusiasts, too, are impressed with the platform. Discussing the utility of this digital venture, Chenthil Kumar, an Aeronautical engineer, and Bhumi, a volunteer stated, “ I can easily find cyclists and runners with whom I can go on runs and cycling sessions. The app makes it hassle-free to ensure our events’ registration, including live tracking, communication, etc.

The app promises to have a range of features making it fun and easy to find people and groups. For instance, one can discover people by making a quick search on the map. One can also create events on the app and invite people for the same.  Not only this, publicizing for these very events or business promotions has become more convenient with the app’s ‘share stories’ option.

The introduction of social media has definitely brought a sea of change in the world.  However, many are now dissatisfied with its arrival.  The main concern people have with regards to social media is that of privacy on apps. However, ‘IamHere’ assures complete anonymity and gives the user an option of masking their phone number and address for security purposes.

With its growing popularity, the app wishes to help more people and prove to be useful, especially during these trying times.

To download this app, click on http://bit.ly/2PBJch0. To know more about it, kindly go to their website at about.iamhere.app

What is the Green-Ag Project?

In the recent past, The Union administration of India dispatched the Green-Ag Project in Mizoram to limit the discharges from agriculture and agriculture-based industries. This guarantees sustainable agricultural practices. Alongside Mizoram, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and Uttarakhand will carry out the task. 

About The Project:

  • The Global Environment Facility funds the ideology of the Green-Ag Project.
  • The Department of Agriculture, Cooperation, and Farmers’ Welfare (DAC&FW) took charge of being the national executing agency. 
  • The Global Environment Facility (GEF) was set up just before the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to help tackle our planet’s most squeezing ecological issues. 
  • Other eminent members associated with its execution are the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC).

Aims & Objectives Of This Project:

  • The task is intended to accomplish different worldwide natural advantages in at least 1.8 million hectares of land in five states with integrated land-use systems.  
  • It plans to bring in at least one lakh ha of ranches under sustainable development patterns and water management techniques. 
  • The undertaking will similarly ensure 49 million Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) sequestered or decreased through feasible land-use efficiency and healthy agricultural practices. 

Things You need to know: Cropping Patterns and Major Crops of India: Part One


  • The Green-Ag undertaking would help local individuals understand and utilize rich agrobiodiversity availability in their scene to ease access to farming. 
  • This project also ensures the increased production practices of domesticated animals. 
  • This helps in the advancement and promotion of secondary agriculture.
  • The formation and establishment of green value chains give a steady income round the year. This is consequently upgrading the wages of local villagers.  

Project Will Be Implemented In Five Landscapes: – 

  • Similipal Landscape (ODISHA)
  • Dampa Landscape (MIZORAM)
  • Corbett-Rajaji Landscape (UTTARAKHAND)
  • Chambal Landscape (MADHYA PRADESH) 
  • Desert National Park Landscape (RAJASTHAN) 
Mechanism Of The Project: – 
  • The farming and allied sectors will now have approaches towards regulations through institutionalization. This will keep mainstreaming natural concerns and needs.
  • The public and state-level agricultural projects will be combined. At any rate, six critical missions will be included to give a lift to economic farming. The program will be formalized, dependent on the consequences of biological indicators, coordinated in the approach. 
  • This will likewise catalyze transformative changes in India’s farming area to help accomplish local and worldwide ecological advantages. 
  • Conservation and preservation of critical biodiversity and forest landscapes additionally come as imperative objectives under this task. 
  • At least ten community-led initiatives will be encouraged to support the conservation of globally significant species, such as the Great Indian Bustard.
  • The Jhum cultivation or the slash and burn agriculture practice in Mizoram will be discouraged. 
  • The increasing carbon dioxide factor from the environment will be sorted out in both natural and artificial manner. An increase in the number of farmlands and forest lands will help in the purification of our atmosphere. The plants will perform photosynthesis, for which they will require carbon dioxide. They will get this carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, eventually reducing the air concentration. 
  • Artificial control of carbon dioxide will be possible by collecting the emissions from the chimneys of factories and dumping them in a particular place. In this manner, carbon dioxide will not be released into our atmosphere. As a result, there will be a reduction in greenhouse gases and an increase in agricultural practices.

Sustainable agriculture was the primary component of the venture. This task has given unique approaches and multiple benefits to the states regarding agro-climatic conditions, water accessibility, and definitely for the hard-working population. Now the states could produce niche and traditional products like passion fruits. They will distribute them to the nearby markets or feed the entire country and get the advantage of exploring export markets. This Green Ag project is acquiring success for sustainable land and water management practices, and of course, for the sustainability of the human race. 

Things To Know about Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai paintings are Hindu devotional paintings painted on a cloth canvas. The central theme of Pichwai paintings mainly revolves around the Hindu god, Lord Krishna. These paintings are often displayed at the Hindu shrines of Rajasthan. Besides artistic engagement, these paintings help in telling tales and folktales visually to the ones unable to read. These vibrant paintings, with different themes and motifs, are circulated throughout the year according to seasonal festivals.

The word Pichwai can break into the Sanskrit words ‘pich’ meaning behind and ‘wai’ meaning hanging. This infers to hanging them behind the idol of the deity.

Nathdwara school, a branch of Mewar school, deals with styles of Pichwai paintings focusing on Shrinathji, a regional avatar of Lord Krishna.


Pichwai paintings showcase Lord Krishna in different postures, settings, and attires. It illustrates ancient folklore sung by bards and minstrels and traces the deity’s life through various incarnations. Pichwai paintings are considered as benefaction or ‘seva’. Paintings are symbols of veneration to the luxurious Srinathji adorned with beautiful garlands and jewelry reflecting prosperity and wealth.

Often a Pichwai showcases a scene from folklore with Lord Krishna amongst groups participating in rasleela. Also, different scenes from Krishna’s childhood which focus on his mother, ‘Maa Yashoda’ come into an illustration with Pichwai art.

Sandhya Aarti is a popular theme that entails the evening prayer with the coming home of Lord Krishna after he finishes grazing livestock. Morkuti Pichwai showcases peacocks calling for monsoons dancing with lord Krishna resembling ‘rasleela’. ‘Danleela’, another thematic representation of the lore of Lord Krishna blocking gopis to ask for ‘daan’ or an offering for cow milk as he was a cow herder, is often shown in Pichwai paintings.

Artwork – Style, colors, and textures

In any Pichwai portrait, the central theme and figure are Shrinathji or Krishna. Shrinathji is always decked up with several ornaments, jewelry, and colorful traditional costumes. According to tradition, in Vrindavan, considered the Hindu deity’s childhood place, Shrinathji’s idol had a diamond-studded chain. Hence, Pichwai paintings depict Lord Krishna as a heavily ornamented figure with opulent rings, necklaces, nose rings, and jewelry.

Pichwai paintings require a lot of concentration, mastery, and control because even the slightest errors get magnified on canvas. Therefore, to minimize faults, Pichwai artists make these paintings by sitting on the floor in a fixed posture focusing all their attention on the art.

Traditionally, a Pichwai painting is purely organic. Starting from the canvas, made from handspun starched cotton cloth to the colors obtained from organic sources, a Pichwai is a complete organic creation. Since its advent, Pichwai paintings have been made from natural ingredients. The painters extracted colors from flowers, leaves, coral, saffron, zinc, and semi-precious stones. These extracted colors made Pichwai paintings a riot of vibrant and bright hues.

Interestingly there are Pichwai paintings for every season. If you closely go through a couple of Pichwai paintings, you will find many repetitive elements such as lotuses, cows, and peacocks. Each motif has a separate meaning and is used to depict a season. Pichwai paintings depict summers with rosy pink lotuses, and peacocks are used to paint that symbolizes monsoons and the welcoming of rain.

Examples of well known Pichwais

  1. Shrinathji Morkutir Pichwai – This very colorful Pichwai is an ode to the monsoon. It shows Shrinathji, the central figure, heavily ornamented and playing his flute, surrounded by dancing peacocks, a symbol of monsoon and rain. It also features cows and lotus garlands around his neck.
  2. Gopiyo ki Pichwai – This unique Pichwai features Lord Krishna in the middle with four gopis facing him in admiration and blandishment. The Pichwai is painted with a black and gold combination, with intricate gold patterns and flowers along the borders.

Due to the rising popularity of the work, Pichwai paintings have successfully gained recognition. It serves as a great source of art history and Indian heritage. Artists all around India are substituting natural elements and colors with artificial dyes to increase the sustainability of the paintings. Increasing in production and demand, they are finding their place in various exhibitions, studios, and homes.


Why to choose Mera Astro for Kundli Matching

Marriage is the best thing in everyone’s life, and people perform it as per the traditions. Every couple needs to check their birth charts to know whether the match works well or not. People from India, mostly Hindus follow the culture of checking the Kundli of the couple before heading to marriage. There were many online sources available on the web to check Kundli Matching or Milan making but we often suggest people go with Mera Astro. The astrological chart provided by our software will let the user know the position of the planets of each person and its impact on Kundli matching.

Kundli Matching is much need for a holy union of two souls. Wanting a good husband or wife rely on the planetary position. To find a perfect life partner, make sure you check whether Kundli matching is acceptable or not. To nullify the harmful effects that occur after marriage, astrologer suggests people check their Kundli before moving to marriage proposals. Mera Astro serves people from all over the world to check their Kundli online or offline. The dedicated and experienced astrologers at Mera Astro will provide the best solutions for the issues related to Kundli or horoscope matching.

Reasons to Choose Mera Astro for Kundli Matching

  • One can reach a professional astrologer, connect via chat or call to discuss your problems.
  • Astrologers at Mera Astro gives a detailed report by explaining every aspect of their Kundli.
  • Mera Astro helps you to check your own Kundli directly on its official website by providing the birth details of girl and boy.
  • Using Mera Astro Free online Kundli matching calculator, you can know details related to Horoscope charts, Antardashas, Varga Charts, Vamsottari Dasha, Planetary movements etc.
  • The prices offered by Mera Astro are reasonable, so everyone can connect with the top astrologers and match their Kundli easily.
  • Astrologers here provide home remedies to remove doshas in your match making and correct the position of the planets.
  • One can check their Kundli in multiple languages based on their preferences.
  • Kundli matching software in Mera Astro apps provides the detailed information about Varna, Vashya, Yoni, Gan, Nadi, Sign, SignLord, Nakshatra, Yog, Karan, Tithi, Yunja, Tatva, Name Alphabet, Paya, Sunrise, Sunset, Ayanamsha, Latitude, Longitude, and others.
  • Astrologers here will explain in detail about Lagna Chart, Lagna Chart(south style), Chalit Chart, Navamansha chart, Sun chart, Moon Chart.
  • Mera Atro displays the planetary details when you provide the required information for Kundli matching.
  • Mera Astro lets you know whether yours is a perfect match or not based on the score obtained after entering the birth details of boy and girl.
  • Mangalik report of both male and female gives detailed data with regards to the impact of planets on the couple.

To unlock your future life, Kundli matching is a primary thing one should consider. Vedic science has all the answers to your questions while astrologers are the people who can provide them. The negative aspects in one among the couple can create disasters in their future life. Correcting the doshas before marriage with astrologer support can help you in overcoming them. Mera Astro is the best source to check any issues related to Kundli matching and solve them by following the remedies offered by our astrologers.

Save your baby from the grasps of harmful toxins with bamboo diapers

When it comes to choosing healthier alternatives for your toddler, there’s nothing that should hold you back. With the adaptations to switch to healthier and natural alternatives on the full rise, there have been multiple inclusions to the indispensable items of diapers. Parents now can easily choose to ditch the chemical and toxin laced diapers for organic bamboo diapers.

Not only do bamboo diapers give immense health benefits and protect your baby’s bottoms from harmful and at times life-threatening toxins, but they also come inclusive of a plethora of environmental benefits ranging from being biodegradable to being easily disposable. Given below are a list of reasons as to why bamboo diapers are the ultimate heroes for both our babies and the environment:

  • Bamboo diapers are free from any sort of chemicals:

Most generic diapers are laced with toxic chemicals that mostly go unnoticed. Bamboo diapers are the unsung heroes as they contain no such chemicals that could pose threat to your loved one. Some of the most common chemicals present in generic diapers, which are linked to long-term health conditions are named below alongside their ill effects :

  • Dioxins: Most generic indispensable diapers are whitewashed with chlorine which results in a byproduct called dioxins that leach into the baby’s area of contact and later into the environment via the diapers. Though ignored by most parents, it is scary to note that dioxins are among one of the most toxic chemicals known to man and are listed as highly carcinogenic chemicals. Such is its severity that exposure to dioxins may cause skin reactions, altered liver function, impairments to the immune system, nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive functions. With a simple switch to the bamboo diapers, you can save your baby from such a life-threatening contact for years of their active growth.
  • Sodium Polyacrylate :

Sodium polycarbonate is a super absorbent chemical compound that is known to soak in baby fluid real fast. They are also used in the fillers of many disposable diapers. Linked to respiratory diseases, skin irritation and at times to even toxic shock syndrome, they provide every reason as to why parents should start opting for bamboo diapers.

  • Tributyl-tin (TBT)

Many disposable diapers contain this chemical. TBT is a toxic pollutant which is extremely harmful to aquatic life and is known to cause endocrine turmoils in aquatic organisms. TBT is a polluting chemical that never degrades but remains in the environment and our food chain. In humans, they are known to trigger genes that promote the growth of fat cells, causing obesity in humans. Just a simple smart switch to the bamboo diapers can not only help you protect your toddler but also you can choose to make this world a better place for him to live in.

  • Volatile organic compounds:

Disposable diapers frequently contain chemicals called volatile organic compounds which include a plethora of substances like ethylbenzene, toluene, xylene and dipentene. These compounds can cause a tonne of irritation starting from eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, damage to the liver, kidney and central nervous system and so on.

  • Other chemicals:

Other chemicals that find their way into the generic diapers and are absent in the bamboo diapers include dyes, fragrances, plastics and petrolatums. Adhesive chemicals which are used in the sticky tabs are mostly non-biodegradable and the perfumes and fragrances used in some disposable diapers to help mask odours are also hazardous.

Bamboo diapers are revolutionary. Though there are many commendable aspects to them, yet the best facet to them is their ability to protect the toddlers from the innumerable toxic chemicals and toxins found in the dispensable diapers. The added benefit to the bamboo diapers are

  • They’re more absorbent when compared to their counterparts, hence keeping the baby’s bottoms alongside knicks and other areas drier and rash free.
  • They’re easily biodegradable. While most disposable diapers take 5000 years to decompose leaving behind a substantial negative impact on the planet, bamboo diapers take only 75 days to decompose, drastically cutting off the carbon footprint.
  • Bamboo diapers are also known to possess natural Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, and Bacteriostatic Properties making them the ideal alternative that prompts a greener future for a happier and healthier baby.