No fear when ‘IamHere’: A mobile app bringing people closer during the pandemic

Launched back in December 2017, the mobile application aimed to connect people and resources in a local setting. Even today, it has proven itself to be a source of relief for many by making location-based discovery and collaboration more accessible.

In these difficult times, since people are confined to their homes and personal connection seems to be lost, it may feel like one’s life has taken a monotonous standstill. However, this innovative app now feels like a breath of fresh air. ‘IamHere’ enables its users to connect with people, make groups and find businesses or potential customers nearby.

While talking about his digital endeavour, Bangalore-based entrepreneur Mr. Naren Kumar stated, “Technology has come a long way and has enabled humans to connect with people anywhere in the globe in a matter of mere seconds. However, the irony is that even though we have achieved to contact those thousands of miles away, the ones nearby remain distant. For instance, while Facebook and Twitter have helped us connect to any individual around the globe, discovering those in our very locality has been rather difficult. Our app aims to address this very concern- that of personal connection and touch. So, if one needs to find a fellow tennis player who lives in the same vicinity, or wants to be a part of a noble social cause, or even find a long-lost friend who may be living nearby, our app is one click away.”

The app has about 100,000 users today who have already made 3 lakh searches so far, and the popularity of the app is growing tremendously day by day. Thus, apart from bringing individuals closer, the digital platform aims to do its bit for society. By being more of an enabling agent, the app shall connect not-for-profit groups with any other group or person that seeks to provide financial or any other aid for a good cause. “We wanted to find a platform such that people could find not-for-profit groups more conveniently. I firmly believe that people would be so much more helpful and dedicate their time, money, and efforts if they simply knew how to easily access these NGOs nearby. This app does just that. When we saw this app, we understood that it would be a game-changer in this field as well,” stated Pushpa Aman Singh, the Founder & CEO, Guidestar India.

Discussing the features of the app and how one can easily use it, Naren added, “IamHere empowers its users to create Avatars on the map for business, hobby, interest or other purposes, and reach many through the various means on our platform, be it chats or the stories feature. This app has enabled many people to find happiness by forming sports teams or connecting with local vendors or entrepreneurs for their business goals. We also believe that this app has been useful for college students for organizing their events and for NGOs who want to start running campaigns.

Many stated that the app made itself useful in the pandemic when they sought personal growth opportunities. “With an app helping me find book lovers and book clubs nearby, I have been able to get back to my love for reading. Not only this, but the app helped me get through the pandemic when my mental health was taking a backseat. With the app, I have been able to connect to people again”, said a user. Fitness enthusiasts, too, are impressed with the platform. Discussing the utility of this digital venture, Chenthil Kumar, an Aeronautical engineer, and Bhumi, a volunteer stated, “ I can easily find cyclists and runners with whom I can go on runs and cycling sessions. The app makes it hassle-free to ensure our events’ registration, including live tracking, communication, etc.

The app promises to have a range of features making it fun and easy to find people and groups. For instance, one can discover people by making a quick search on the map. One can also create events on the app and invite people for the same.  Not only this, publicizing for these very events or business promotions has become more convenient with the app’s ‘share stories’ option.

The introduction of social media has definitely brought a sea of change in the world.  However, many are now dissatisfied with its arrival.  The main concern people have with regards to social media is that of privacy on apps. However, ‘IamHere’ assures complete anonymity and gives the user an option of masking their phone number and address for security purposes.

With its growing popularity, the app wishes to help more people and prove to be useful, especially during these trying times.

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